Uploading Photos

There are 3 main ways to upload photos to your Picasa Web Albums:

Uploading existing photos

Uploading several photos at a time

The fastest way to upload photos to your Picasa Web albums is by using the multi-select feature of the Local Photo Selector.

To do so, choose Local Photos from the main menu, then select a time range.

In the thumbnail view, long-press on a thumbnail to enter the multiselect mode. Then, tap on every other thumbnail you want to upload, to select it.

Finally, tap the Upload icon (upwards pointing arrow).

The photos already uploaded to a Picasa Web album are shown with a small upward-pointing icon in the bottom-left. This is to help you avoid uploading the same photo twice.

Uploading existing photos one by one

If you don't have a lot of photos, you can upload them one by one, while browsing the photos in full-screen mode.

In full screen photo viewing mode, tap the upwards-pointing arrow in the top-right.

Using the Camera menu option

If you want to upload your photo shots to your default Picasa Web album the moment you take them, your best bet is to use the Camera option from the app's main menu.

Please note that, by default, a local copy of your photo shot is created only if the upload fails (you can change the default behavior from the app's Settings menu.)

Using the Auto-upload feature

The auto-upload feature is intended for users who want to take photos using other apps, but still upload them automatically to their default Picasa Web album.

Please note that, in order to conserve battery, the auto-upload feature is not turned on by default. To use it, you have to enable it from Settings -> Uploads.

In this screen, you can also specify the default time interval at which PicsPro for Picasa scans for new photos to upload.

Please note that, while the scan itself is very fast, uploading photos may take a while, depending on the number and size of your photos, as well as the speed of your internet connection.

For this reason, we strongly recommend turning off the auto-upload feature when you no longer need it.