Camera Menu


To upload pictures directly from your Android device's camera to your Picasa albums, tap the Camera option in the main menu.

Picasa menu - Camera

Depending on your current camera settings, either the PicsPro for Picasa camera app (default) or the native (built-in) camera app will be used.

Note: If you decide to use the Android device's native (built-in) camera app, you may have to press the Done button after each successful photo shot.

The PicsPro for Picasa camera app (default) provides you with advanced features as auto-focus and auto-flash. The current release, however, does not include a zoom option.


Every photo you take will be uploaded directly to your default Picasa web album. Unless you explicitly disabled it in the Settings menu, the current location information will be uploaded along with your photos.


  • If for some reason the direct upload fails (ex.: no wireless or WiFi coverage), every failed photo shot will be stored locally. You can upload them to your Picasa album at a later date from the Local Pictures menu.
  • If your Android phone or tables has more than one camera, only the rear facing one will be used. We intend to add support for multiple cameras in a future release.