Local Media


To see, upload or delete the images stored on your Android device, tap on the Local Media button, in the main application screen.

Local photo filter

Local media grouping

You can choose to group the local photos & videos by Date or by Folder. To do so, click the corresponding icon in the action bar.

Local photo grouping

Local Photo Selector

The Local Photo Selector screen shows thumbnails of the images stored on your Android phone or tablet, based on the filter criteria selected in the previous screen (a time range or a specific folder).

Local photo selector

Batch photo upload

To upload a batch of photos to you default Picasa Web album, tap on the upwards-pointing arrow icon in the action bar.

Local photo batch upload

Tap on each thumbnail of the photos you want to upload, then click on the Upload button at the bottom.

The upload process will start and you will see an upwards-pointing arrow in the notification area. By dragging-down the notification area, you can see the upload progress, in percentage.

Photo upload progress

Tap on the Uploading message, and you can see more details and even cancel the upload process.

Photo upload queue

Local Photo Browser

The Local Photo Browser screen shows all the images on your Android device, one image at a time.

Local photo browser

To get to this screen, tap on one of the thumbnails in the Photo Selector. You can navigate back and forth through the list of photos by dragging the current photo to the left or to the right.

Uploading local pictures

To upload the current local picture to Picasa, tap the upwards-pointing arrow icon (on older Android devices, press the Menu button and then choose Upload).

Local Photo Browser - Upload

This will upload the current picture to your default Picasa album.

Deleting local pictures

To delete a local picture, tap the overflow menu icon (or the Menu key) on your Android device. From the options menu that appears, choose Delete.