PicsPro Settings


Photo Browsing


Thumbnail size

This setting allows you to change the size of thumbnails and it applies to both online and offline media. While selecting a smaller size will result in slightly less bandwidth and cache usage, selecting a larger thumbnail size may result in a smoother scrolling experience, due to the fact that are less thumbnails on the screen at any given time.

Most users seem to prefer a larger thumbnail size.

Browsing resolution

This setting applies to online media only. Selecting a larger size will result in more bandwidth usage for the initial load (all images are cached after the initial load). Depending on your internet connection speed, the initial load time may be longer for larger images.

The only advantage of selecting a larger image is that, when zooming a photo, you can see more details.

Hide Google+ / Blogger albums

When posting on Google+ or Blogger, Google may create a "special" Picasa web album for that posting, named after the current date. Checking this option will hide those "special" albums.


All images are cached after their initial load. Every subsequent display of the same image will use the cached version. The two options below manage the cached data.

Delete short-term cache

This option will delete the cached photos that belong to other people (ex.: contacts).

Delete long-term cache

This option will delete the cached photos associated to your Google accounts.


Slideshow interval

This setting allows you to change the default time interval in slideshow mode. The value represents the viewing time for one photo, in seconds. It applies to both online and offline media.


Enabling this option to display the photos in a random order during slideshow.

Camera Menu

This settings section applies to the embedded camera option from the app's main menu and not the built-in Camera app on your Android device.

Embedded camera section in PicsPro menu

Upload current location

When this option is activated, your current location, as reported by GPS, cellular or WiFi network, will be inserted into the Exif info of the photo.

Save local copies

By default, when using the embedded camera, the photo shots will be saved online only. Activate this option to also save a local copy.

Native camera app

If this setting is checked, the camera app that comes with your Android phone will be used instead. This may be useful if you need some feature that only exists in the default phone camera app.

Prompt for caption

If you activate this option, you will be prompted to enter a caption after each photo taken with the embedded camera.

Prompt for album

If you activate this option, you will be prompted to select a target album after each photo taken with the embedded camera. If the option is not activated, the photos will go to your default album (the one shown in green letters in the album list).



Upload photos from other apps

If this option is enabled, the app will run in background and periodically check for new photos to upload to your default Picasa album.

In order to avoid uploading a huge number of local photos to your Picasa album, only the photos taken after this option was enabled will be uploaded.


This option presents you with a list of all local folders containing photos. By default, they are all selected. Unselecting a folder will prevent its contents from being auto-uploaded when the "auto-upload" option is enabled.

Upload interval

This option allows you to set how often PicsPro for Picasa will search for new photos and upload them.

WiFi only

If this option is enabled, the app will auto-upload photos when your Android device is connected to a WiFi network. This helps you reduce the bandwidth usage on your wireless plan.

Upload videos

When enabled, the auto-uploader will also look for new videos and upload them to your default web album.

Upload now

Press to trigger an unscheduled auto-upload cycle.

Manual uploads

Prompt for caption

Prompt for album


Resize photos

Activate this option to auto-resize your photos before uploading them. You can select the desired size from the "Photo size" option below.

Photo size

When the "Resize photos" (see above) is activated, you can select from a list of target sizes. The available options are: 800, 1024, 1280, 1600 and 2048 pixels, on the longest edge.

On older phones, due to their limited memory, the 1600 and 2048 pixel options may not be available.

Upload queue

Both screens below are showing items that are currently in the queue, not items that will be uploaded during a future auto-upload batch.

Photo upload queue

Tap to display the photos in the current upload batch, if any.

Video upload queue

Tap to display the videos in the current upload batch, if any.


Download queue

Tap to display the items in the current download batch, if any.

Download directory

You can use this setting to change the directory where the photos will be downloaded. This applies to the intentional (user-triggered) download of photos. Unlike the cache, the downloaded photo are also visible in the native Gallery app.


Use phone's accounts

If this option is checked, PicsPro for Picasa will use the accounts you defined in your phone's Settings application, under Accounts & sync / Manage Accounts / Google.

Uncheck this option if you want to use accounts not already available on your phone.

Current account

Displays the current Google account use by the app. If you have more than one account setup, you can tap on this option to switch between accounts.

Add account

Tap to add a new Google account.

Manage accounts

Displays and allows you to manage existing accounts.


This option is useful when you want PicsPro to use a different language, other than the default one. For instance, if your Android phone is set to German, but you want PicsPro in English, this setting may come in handy.