Online Albums

The Online Albums screen displays a list of all the Picasa Web albums for your default Google account.

Tapping on any of the items in the list will bring you to the thumbnail view of that album.

Creating a new album

To create a new Picasa web album, tap on the + button or the Add option in the menu.

The Album Editor screen will appear, allowing you to create a new Picasa Web album.

You can enter a title and a description for the new album.

You can also set the visibility level for your Picasa Web albums to Unlisted (anyone with the right link), Private (only you) or Public.

Modifying an existing album

To modify an existing Picasa Web album, press on the context button at the right side of the album row.

From the context menu that appears, choose Edit.

This will bring you to the Web Album Editor screen, where you can change the title and/or the description of the album.

Setting an album as default

When you set a Picasa web album as default, it will become the target of your auto-uploads. Also, the photos you take using the Camera option will go to this album.

To set an album as default, press the context button and choose Set default from the context menu that appears, as shown in the above screenshot.

The default album will be shown with orange text, as illustrated in the adjacent screenshot.

If no album was set as default, all your auto-uploads will go to a predefined album titled Drop Box.