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Flippr for Flickr

Feature Summary

  • Photostream - view and manage the photos in your Flickr photostream.
  • Photosets - view and manage the photos in your Flickr photosets.
  • Local media - view and upload your local photos to Flickr.
  • Interesting - view, download, add to favorites or to galleries, share or comment on interesting photos.
  • Favorites - manage your favorite Flickr photos.
  • Contacts - manage your contacts and view their online content.
  • Groups - view and manage your groups.
  • Galleries - view and manage your photo galleries.
  • Search - search public photos based on keywords.
  • Multiple accounts - you can switch between all your Flickr accounts.
Flippr for Flickr - main menu screenshot

Icon Studio for iOS

Icon Studio converts an SVG file to a set of iOS app icons - one for each required size.

Simply upload your SVG file, examine the displayed icons and then download them in one convenient zip file.

SVG files are ideal for app icon artwork. Since SVG is a vector format, scaling it to generate various icon sizes does not result in pixelation or loss of detail. All your icons will be as crisp as the original.

Better yet, the file names are matching the default Ionic config.xml file.

Icon Studio was tested in Brave, Chrome and Safari.

Launch Icon Studio

Icon generator for iOS - screenshot