Frequently Asked Questions


  • Photostream

    A collection of all your online photos, the most recent shown first.

  • Photosets

    A way to group your online photos, you can think of them as albums.

  • Collections

    Usually, a collection is a group of photosets. A "master" collection can also contain other collections.

  • Activity

    Shows the most recent activity (comments, faves) on your photos, along with the newest photos posted by your contacts.

  • Local photos

    The photos stored on your Android device's SD card.

  • Interesting

    The most interesting photos on Flickr, based on user's favorites and comments.

  • Favorites

    A collection of your favorite photos. You can only put other people's photos in your favorites, not your own.

  • Contacts

    A list of your Flickr contacts. You can browse their public photostream, photosets, favorites and galleries.

  • Groups

    Public collections of photos for a certain theme or subject. You can subscribe to groups or just browse photos in them.

  • Galleries

    Another way to set favorites. You can put only up to 18 photos in a gallery and you cannot put your own photos.

  • Search

    Find public photos based on one or more keywords.

  • Settings

    Manage your accounts, upload settings and cached content.